• Ancient Ski History through the 1700’s

    Ski History from Ancient times through the 1700’s

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  • Longboards to the Olympics

    Take a tour of “A Century of Tahoe Winter Sports” by Author Mark McLaughlin

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  • Story of the 1960 Winter Olympics

    Learn why the 1960 Olympics were a “Snowball’s Chance” told through the book of David C. Antonucci

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  • The Bill Briner Photo Collection

    See the remarkable Olympic Photo Collection of Bill Briner

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    Learn about the Tahoe regions Ski Heroes from the 1800’s to Today!

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Just in time for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, Word After Word Books hosts an illustrated presentation of the 1960 Olympics by local author David Antonucci. In 1960 the eyes of the world focused on Squaw Valley and the Lake Tahoe region as the Winter Olympics were held here. Athletes from a world locked in the Cold War came to compete and share the spirit of the Olympic movement. Mr. Antonucci’s presentation is based upon his award-winning book Snowball’s Chance: The Story of the 1960 Olympic Winter Games and covers the events leading up to Squaw Valley hosting the VIII Olympic Winter Games, the role that Walt Disney played in the pageantry of the opening and closing ceremonies, the first “Miracle on Ice” hockey gold medal match, and much more. Mr. Antonucci’s presentation will be held at Word After Word Bookshop, 10118 Donner Pass Road, Truckee on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, starting at 6 PM. Light snacks and beverages will be served. The event is FREE.

Rest in peace Warren Miller ~ you will always be remembered!

Warren A. Miller, the pioneering snow-sports filmmaker just passed away peacefully at 93. A self-taught filmmaker he produced more than 500 adventure-sport films. His influence of skiing cannot be overstated and his mantra for living life should be considered by all: “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” He also stated that the first time you put on skis was the first time you truly felt freedom. Rest in Peace Warren, your work will live on for generations as you remarkably captured all of our ski history.

1960 Winter Games Exhibition

The Games of Winter is a curated exhibition of art, memorabilia, and promotional items from the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley. In 1960, the world flocked to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, California, to see world-class athletes competing in the snow and on the ice. Fifty-eight years later, we celebrate that time with a show that coincides with the 2018 Winter Games. https://eldoradoartscouncil.org/ Fausel House 772 Pacific St Placerville, CA 95667

Wendall “Chummy” Broomhall, skiing legend, dies

“I wasn’t satisfied until I saw if I could still beat these young guys,” Broomhall recalled. “I ended up getting in that race. They only picked one cross-country runner, I was it. Won it by two minutes, as I recall.  Broomhall competed in the 1948 Winter Games in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and in the 1952 Games in Oslo, Norway.  In 1960, the United States was hosting the Winter Olympics, and Broomhall was, by default, the country’s expert For the 1960 Olympics, Chummy oversaw the design and construction of the McKinney Creek Cross-country Venue and organized and staged all the races. He invented the power tiller for trail grooming. We have many of his artifacts in the museum. His granddaughter, Reagan Carey summarized Broomhall with the following list: “Grandpa, Mentor, Competitor, Storyteller, Athlete, Motivator, Teammate, Champion, Soldier, Olympian, Patriarch, Lumberjack, Encourager, Fair (except in cribbage), Lovable, Volunteer, Hard-worker, Leader, Charmer, Trailblazer (literally and figuratively), Family Man . . . THE BEST!”  Rest in Peace Wendall.

An Olympic first ~ computer geeks and athletes unite!

First time in human history that athletes and computer geeks were united! In 1958 the computer department at IBM tried to convince their President, Thomas J Watson, to make the Squaw Valley Olympics the first major sporting event to be “computerized”. They speculated that it would decrease the time for results from hours to mere minutes making the games much better for televising and much more exciting for the spectators. Of course it was successful and really changed sports. Fortunately, our Museum has just acquired the 40 page IBM folder that contains the typed letter to the president and all the data to convince him it would work. An incredible find for both the sports world and for those of us geeks who also enjoy the history of computing.

Great Holiday Olympic donation ~ Thanks Jill!

We just received a 1960 “first day cover” from the opening day of the Squaw Valley winter Olympics ~ in perfect condition!  Jill Beede, an English professor, collector, and long time Tahoe local wanted to get this out for everyone to share.   Once we have it cataloged, it will be placed on displayed in the museum.  Come by the second floor of the Gatekeepers Museum in Tahoe City to see Jill’s donation and all the other Sierra ski history items on display!  Thanks Jill, and Happy Holidays!

Disney love at Squaw

Retro-love in the snow! Perhaps our favorite pic of the great Walt Disney at Squaw. Many people don’t know that he had a home at Squaw, loved the region, and was the designer/director of the pageantry for the 1960 Olympics. He wanted to make the Olympics a real party, more fun than any before it. Of course, he pulled it off. If you get a chance, come see the Disney display on the 2nd floor of the Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing the best to everyone from the Museum of Sierra Ski History and the Gatekeepers Museum! Come visit over the holidays and learn about your ski history before the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. The ski collection is located on the second floor of the Gatekeepers Museum in Tahoe City (Thank you NLTHS). Have fun, be safe, and we will see you soon!

So I guess this is ski history….?

We received some great pictures from Scott Garibaldi in the 80’s. Now I wasn’t even born then so to me it seems like ski history. At the museum we want to chronicle everything so future generations, that will think the 2010’s are historical, can look back and see where we were. If you have anything you want to donate to help tell the story we would love to have it ~ reach out anytime to museum co-founder Stan Batiste at stanbatiste@gmail.com to donate. Was the 80’s really that long ago..? Thanks Scott, hope your knees are still rolling!

57 years later ~ we still have to thank Wayne!

Every time we drive into Squaw Valley my father religiously turns the radio down for just a second so we can look at the valley and says thanks Wayne! Similar thing with a different message when we enter Tahoe City.  Many know, some don’t, that Wayne Poulsen worked hard on preserving the natural beauty of Squaw Valley.  When the 1960 Olympics were coming there were plans to pave the valley to meet the needs of the spectators.  Wayne fought hard and, although the story is much more involved, he saved the Valley floor as he accepted the placement of a mixture of snow and sawdust ~ which worked great! Although he is known as the co-founder of Squaw Valley, its original skiing inhabitant (with wife Sandy), ski jumper extraordinaire, Pilot, and family man, perhaps his greatest legacy is as an environmentalist. So, occasionally, turn the radio down for just a sec and thank Wayne!

Craig Beck’s fantastic Longboards now on display!

Craig Beck (one of the first Tahoe extreme athletes) has just brought his incredible longboard display to the sierra ski collection at the Gatekeepers Museum.  Once you see them you will know who the real first extreme skiers were.  The skis were upwards of 16 feet long and had wooden and rope bindings that were strapped on and away you go!  The prizes were huge at the time with purses up to $1000.00.  The great thing was that women were included and many times were the fastest skiers reaching up to 70mph, ~ and of course, took home the prize money!  Fun display spanning a large part of the museum ~ Thanks again Craig for all you have done over the years for the community!

Thanks NLTHS! ~ The Sierra Ski History Displays Are Now Open!

The new Sierra History and 1960 Olympics displays are finally open!  With the help of the great Truckee Movers, the Batiste and Antonucci families and JJ Whitney we managed to move all the displays, which includes hundreds of ski artifacts, into the upper floor of the Gatekeepers museum in Tahoe City.  Come see your ski history from thousands of years ago through the miners in Plumas to the early regional history and Olympics up to the present time.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, their president Jim Phelan, Executive Director Marnie Carr and Pete Billeter directing the process.   We are now finally finished! ~  right before the snow falls in another upcoming winter Olympic year! Thanks!

We Are Moving! Thank You North Lake Tahoe Historical Society!!!

As of Aug 12th the exhibits of the Museum of Sierra Ski History will be hosted by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society within the fabulous Gatekeepers Museum.  We want to thank the members of the Historical Society for making this happen.  This will be the home of the collection for the next few years while we continue to work on our permanent space.   Our collection of over 1000 regional ski artifacts will complement the large existing museum collection of Lake Tahoe artifacts and the Steinbach Indian basket Collection.  Great News ~Thanks so much!

Fun donation and story from Bob and Nancy Reynolds!

57 years after the Olympics the inflatable cushion remains in perfect condition! The most impressive thing is that the cushion inflates and appears as though it were made yesterday.  Good to know that people watched the Olympics in comfort.  The story behind it is also fun with Mr. Reynolds moving to Sparks in 1959 with his mother.  She worked as a hostess in the Sparks Nugget coffee shop where she received several Olympic pins and this pillow as tips.   The pillow has been stored carefully ever since.  Thank you so much Bob and Nancy for the donation and the great story!

Museum Closed through Mid-February!

Well we tried our hardest to remain open everyday, all year long.  Turns out the last big storm dropped a little too much rain and snow causing some minor issues to the museum.  Because of this, we have decided to close for a few weeks and work on renovating the museum, both improving the layout and adding to the displays.  Stay tuned and within a week or so I will describe the newest additions including bringing in the great artifact donations that we recently received.  Enjoy the Snow and see you soon!

Wonderful Emily Murphy Olympic Donation!

What a great donation!  Flags from multiple countries, a spectators Olympic flag, rare Olympic pins and an Olympic Program all in great condition! These origninal items will all be place in the museum for everyone to see.  Thanks so much Emily – a Wonderful Donation!

Theodore (Ted) A. Wilson so enjoyed the out of doors and said that when he went to work for California Department of Parks and Recreation, “Why should I work in the city and go to the mountains two weeks a year when I can live in the mountains and go to the city twice a year!”  That being said, he went to work for “Beaches and Parks” and enjoyed thirty-one years of the great out-of doors – such parks as Emerald Bay, Big Basin, Humbolt Redwoods, Santa Cruz Beaches, Squaw Valley, Oroville SRA, Santa Barbara, Sierra Area – starting as a Ranger and retiring as District Superintendent.  He was a decorated veteran of WWII serving in the Asia/Pacific, American and European Theaters of Operation.  He was also at the Battle of the Bulge and very honored to serve his country. He was admired and respected by all who knew him. Thank you so very much Ted for all you did for the State and for saving such wonderful Olympic artifacts now for all to share. Thanks also to Sue and Jim Kubinec for providing us with Ted’s collection which we will give great care.

One of the Greats ~You will be missed Sven!

Sven Wiik(center), a genial and tireless proponent of Nordic skiing in Colorado and a member of both the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame and U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, died of natural causes July 5 at Yampa Valley Medical Center in Steamboat Springs. He was 95. Among his accomplishments, Wiik coached the 1960 U.S. Olympic cross-country ski team in Squaw Valley, California, as well as the 1958 World Championship team, and with coach Marty Hall, designed the course of the Birkebeiner — North America’s premier ski marathon from Cable to Hayward, Wisconsin. For more information and to watch an inspiring video go to the link:  http://www.steamboattoday.com/news/2016/jul/06/sven-wiik-recalled-ensuring-nordic-skiings-place-s/

Coming Soon ~ Snowshoe Thompson Event!

15th Anniversary  of the dedication of the  Statue of Snowshoe Thompson  Saturday, June 25, 2016 11–4 pm Mormon Station State Park, Genoa featuring:  Nordahl Grieg Norwegian Folk Dancers,  Fjord horses with Jacquelyn Leuener,   Richard Blair ~ musician, “Snowshoe Thompson” (aka Steve Hale) and Norwegian dignitaries. Free admission to the   “Snowshoe” exhibit in the Genoa Museum     Sponsored by the Friends of SnowshoeThompson ~  www.snowshoethompson.org    Information: 775-315-7777    (Pictured above is Nina Macloed in her normal ski wear ~ authentic Norweigen clothes and, of course, Shoeshoe Thompson.)

Snowshoe Thompson ~ A Great Man and Two Great Events!!

Pictured in the upper right is Nina MacLeod who started the Snowshoe Thompson event 17 yrs ago in Hope Valley. Now together with “Friends of Snowshoe Thompson” also participated in Norway’s 28th tour in March.  Between 1856 and 1876, Snowshoe Thompson delivered mail between Placerville, California and Genoa, Nevada. Despite his nickname, he did not make use of the snowshoes, but rather would travel with ten-foot skis. Thompson typically made the eastward trip in three days, and the return trip in two days and did not carry a blanket or a gun. My favorite story is that when he would get cold he would just dance a jig on a rock. Hard to believe someone could do this job even with today’s luxury clothing ~ truly a great man!

Like the day it was put away!

The Museum has had the great fortune of acquiring one of the very few Olympic Sweaters that were given out at the 1960 winter games.  It is truly impressive ~ in great condition like the day it was worn.  The sweaters were given to the winners prior to receiving their medals on the podium. Pictured here is the beautiful, American gold medal winner Carol Heiss and American bronze medal winner Barbara Roles.

Launch of the new Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation Website!

The Museum of Sierra Ski History and the Western Skisport Museum are partners with the Squaw Valley Ski Museum Foundation (SVSMF) in working towards the creation of a World Class museum for the region.  On January 15th the SVSMF launched their website and one month earlier began the fundraising drive to get the project in full gear.  Between the two museums there is the largest western ski collection with 1000’s of artifacts including items from Snowshoe Thompson and skis from the gold rush era, to turn of the century skis up to items from our Olympians and the world class skiers of today.  We are all proud of the groups effort and are looking forward to making the SVSMF project happen.  Thanks everyone for the work and thanks to those that have donated.  For more information please visit the NEW SVSMF site at www.olympicskimuseum.com

The great skier Al Vincellette, winner of multiple titles, won the National Nordic Combined Championship on Feb 8th 1960 and went on to represent the US in the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley.  Al competed for the US in both nordic events and ski jumping which would be unheard of these days.    We are so fortunate that the family of Al donated his Olympic jumping skis which will be on display for everyone to enjoy shortly. The skis are made of wood and, unbelievable for that time, had plastic molded bottoms and stand over 7 feet tall.  There are no metal edges, as with ski jumping there is no turning, and therefore, no wear on the sides. Thank you so much Laura (Vincelette) Brewer, Al Vincelette, and Linda Vincelette Sehidoglu and their families at present!  ~~~~~~~ (You can see David Antonucci’s Tahoe TV interview about the skis and donation under the “Event Video” link on “Events/Press” page).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Batiste and Antonucci families want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We had another wonderful year at the museum with the opening of new displays and  multiple parties, gatherings and successful group meetings.  We want to reach out and thank everyone for their generous financial donations and the extra generous donations of rare ski history memorabilia we received.  All of the items will be put on display shortly.  We are looking forward to another great year with even more involvement of the community and more fun!  If you are wondering, the picture above is a rare postcard from Tahoe circa 1905 –  just more fun!

The museum recently received a set of rare books donated by Peggy Deen in memory of her father Charles Proctor an early California skiing pioneer.  The donation included:   “California Winter Sports and the 1960 VIII WinterGames at Squaw Valley” by J. E. (Jerry) Carpenter; ~  “1960 United StatesOlympic Book”   Edited by Arthur G. Lentz ; ~  “III Olympic Winter GamesLake Placid 1932”   Compiled by George M. Lattimer;  and  “ A History ofSkiing in California”  by J. H. Hildebrand, ~ a 16 page booklet reprinted from the 1939 issue of THE BRITISH SKI YEAR BOOK “Lost Sierra”  by William B. Berry .  ~~~   The 1932 Winter Olympics book and the History of Skiing in California booklet are in excellent condition and extremely rare.   These will be of much use by researchers and enjoyed by museum visitors.   Thanks so much Peggy!  

Great Granlibakken Exhibit Reveal Party!

If you missed it we had a great party at the museum to revealing the new Granlibakken display.  The display combines the old and the new of the longest continuous open ski resort in the Sierras.  The display was created from the wood of the old ski jump at “Olympic Hill” in Granlibakken with the display content created by historian Carol Van Etten under the direction of Granlibakken owner Ron Parson.  The largest crowd the Museum has every hosted enjoyed the “Reveal Party” complete with food, drinks and camaradiere  to make it a fun, special event.  Come by the museum, view the new display and learn the fascinating history of our neighbor Granlibakken.  

Come see the Granlibakken Tahoe Museum Exhibit Unveiling!

Save the Date!  Don’t miss the opening night of the Museum of Sierra Ski History Museum’s exhibit on the history of skiing and winter sports at Granlibakken Tahoe! Did you know that Granlibakken Tahoe is one of California’s oldest continuously operated ski areas, and that it was host to the western trials for ski jumping and cross-country skiing for the 1932 Winter Olympics? Learn about this and much more at the opening night of the Museum of Sierra Ski History on November 13, 2015! Details: Opens November 13, from 6:00–7:00 PM, with a brief ceremony at 6:45 Appetizers and refreshments included Address: Museum of Sierra Ski History and 1960 Winter Olympics, Boatworks Mall, 760 N Lake Blvd, Second Floor, Tahoe City, CA 96145 We will see you there!

Great Turnout ~ Fun Heritage Trail Event!!

The buses were on time and we were there waiting for their arrival.  Twenty museums were free to the public from Roseville to Tahoe and many decided to take the bus ride through the mountains to enjoy the history tour. We could tell that they were all having a great time and all seemed very interested in the museum and the story of Sierra Ski history.  The tour was highlighted as the famed official photographer for the 1960 Winter Olympics, Bill Briner (pictured above in the red vest) showed up and greeted everyone and answered many questions.  Bill’s original photos line the walls of the museum so it was great to have the man and his work available for all.  Olympic medal winner and museum partner, Greg Jones also came by to be part of the event.  It was truly a good time and we are really looking forward to participating again next year!

Heritage Trail – coming to the museum Aug. 15th &16th

This is the 8th year for the event and 20 museums from Roseville to Tahoe are opening their doors free of charge on August 15th & 16th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All 20 museums are committed to showcasing history in a fun and entertaining way. For many Trail Travelers, this event has become a family tradition. The museums are grouped in three clusters and are easy to reach from Interstate 80. Seven Valley Museums are located in South Placer. Six Auburn Museums are located within one mile of the Historic Courthouse. Seven Mountain Museums are located in the Sierra Nevada and the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We encourage you to visit several museums during the two day event. This Trail Guide will help you find your way and we invite you back to visit those museums that you missed any time during the year. FOR MORE INFORMATIO PLEASE VISIT:  http://theheritagetrail.blogspot.com/

New Walt Disney Article and Display!

One of the most important influences on the 1960 Winter Olympics came from the chairman of the Pageantry Committee, Walt Disney!  Few people today know how important Walt Disney was to the region first as one of the early investors in Sugar Bowl (for fun look under our “press page” for the Goofy cartoon showing “Sugar Bowl Lodge”) and then as the architect of the 1960 Winter Olympic theme with the splendid opening and closing ceremonies (the first of their kind for the modern era).  You can read about it in detail in a great new article about Walt which you can find on link to in our “press” page on this website. I think you will find it a fascinating read both from an Olympic perspective and also a personal one about Disney.  At the Museum we have a display which includes one of the few known flagpole plaques mentioned as part of the story.  Walt Disney was a fascinating man with many talents, the greatest of which was making people happy!

Stephanie Givens’ 6th grade class visits the museum!

We were very fortunate to have a visit from Stephanie Givens’ 6th grade class from the Tahoe Expedition Academy in Kings Beach.  Museum co-founder David Antonucci also dropped by to answer any questions and show everyone around.  The museum exists for this purpose ~ to keep the young people informed and interested in the heritage of this great region as they will someday be the curators. Thanks so much Stephanie we hope you will come by with next year’s 6th graders!

Craig Beck creates another great display~Honoring the 10th Mountain Division!

Extreme athlete, pioneering ski and sport filmmaker and Lake Tahoe legend Craig Beck brings another wonderful display to the museum – the 10th Mountain Division.  If you scroll down multiple posts to March of 2014 you will see Craig’s first display featuring longboards first used by the miners and kept alive by Craig with his organization the National Longboard Association.  With longboards over 16 feet it is the most striking of the Museum displays.  Craig wasn’t satisfied with just longboards and so he created a display to pay respects to our military and specifically the 10th Mountain division.  As one of the most decorated army units in World War II and still active today around the world, the story of the 10th is too great to tell in this simple post.  The names of those great fighting, skier servicemen from our region include Wendall Broomhall, ski jumper Roy Mikkelsen and the great ski instructor Luggi Foeger.  Craig’s display contains numerous posters, original back packs, boots, snowshoes and skis – a must see. Thanks again to Craig and the entire Beck family for all they have given to our region!

Rare 3D slide donation from the Stephenson family!

Numerous rare Kodak 3D slides from a family trip of the 1960 Olympic facilities were donated by James and Karen Stephenson.  Not only are they in 3D and include the facilities from the base level and from the high mountians, but many are from inside of the Olympic buildings. These are great as they are of exceptional quality and give us a very rare perspective of that time.  Thanks so much James and Karen!

Tahoe Legend Interview ~ Greg Jones

Greg Jones has been a lifetime local of North Tahoe learning to ski as a small child from his legendary father Bud Jones.  Greg has spent his entire life in the ski industry, first as an Olympic medal winner and for nearly 40 years as a coach.  He has coached many of the greats from Tahoe including Daron Rahlves, Julia Mancuso, Marco Sullivan and Travis Ganong among hundreds of others. You can really get a feeling for Greg’s love of skiing and true passion for coaching in his latest interview with Lake Tahoe TV (follow the link “event videos” on our home page).   Greg, pictured above on the left, is the “coaches coach”, having trained three generations of ski coaches. We want to thank Greg for everything he has done for this region and for his continued work with the Lake Tahoe Ski Club to keep the future of Tahoe skiing strong.  A great Museum partner ~ Thanks Greg!

Welcome Lake Tahoe TV!

We want to welcome Lake Tahoe TV to the Boatworks Mall as our new neighbor.  Within a few days of their arrival they conducted interviews with several of the mall businesses including a live interview with museum co-founder and Tahoe historian David C. Antonucci.  Additionally, we had a surprise visit from US Olympic medal winner Greg Jones who gave a fun interview about skiing, coaching our kids and his other passions fishing and baseball.  You can see David’s most recent Lake Tahoe TV interviews on our website under the “event/press” page and “event video” link.  Thanks so much Lake Tahoe TV and welcome!

Happy New Year!

Another Great Year for the Museum coming up in 2015.  Looking back we want to thank those people that really helped us in 2014.  First, Channel Properties for providing the space – without them the Museum in the Mall would not exist. Next, Hal Slear and his staff at the James Harrold Galleries for all of their great help and support – without them we couldn’t remain open. Thanks also all of the ski clubs, groups and skiing professionals that have added greatly to the museum with their presence and donations. And Finally, all of the wonderful donations from the public that keep us motivated and viable.  Thanks for everything and Happy 2015!

Ganong Claims Career First Win!

We received news from Santa Caterina, Italy today (Dec. 27, 2014)  that Travis Ganong (Squaw Valley, CA) took first place in the men’s Audi FIS Ski World Cup tour  for his career first victory!  Travis after the race: “It was a perfect run! I love to take on a new challenge and a new slope. I love the hill—the mountains are huge here and it’s fun skiing.”  Congratulations Travis!

Day on the slopes, few minutes in the Museum and warm browsing or dinner in the Mall

Although summers are busy at the Museum, the winters are even busier. The Boatworks Mall is the only indoor mall in Tahoe and is in a prime location in the center of downtown Tahoe City.  We have found that some people come just to see the Museum while others are there for the art gallery, shopping or great dining in the warm atmosphere.  Admission to the Museum is free so if you stay for a few minutes or even hours everyone can leave feeling good and hopefully will have  learned a little about their ski history. Pictured here is Sacramento Physician Dr. Theo Marentis and the wonderful Paige Greaves straight off the slopes of Squaw for a quick run through the Museum and a little mall browsing – Thanks everyone for coming by!