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    Ski History from Ancient times through the 1700’s

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  • Story of the 1960 Winter Olympics

    Learn why the 1960 Olympics were a “Snowball’s Chance” told through the book of David C. Antonucci

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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Museum Co~Founder David C. Antonucci gives another great 1960 Winter Olympic talk!

If you want to hear a great talk on the 1960 Winter Olympics or go on a walking tour of the site of the Olympics you will have to track down Museum Co-founder David C  Antonucci.  He has been a Lake Tahoe resident for over 40 years and is considered the foremost historian of the 1960 winter games. David is the Author of the premier books about our Olympics – “Snowball’s Chance: The Story of the 1960 Olympic Winter Games Squaw Valley & Lake Tahoe”  and  “The 1960 Winter Olympics (Images of Sports)”.  David is also the author of “Fairest Picture — Mark Twain at Lake Tahoe” following the adventures of Mark Twain at our Lake.  So….if you want to learn more about the 1960 winter Olympics or the history of Mark Twain in the region you can book David for a talk through his website www.tahoefacts.com, email him at: dcantonucci@msn.com or get right to the source and call him directly at  530-525-5410.  Thanks David for all the great teaching – when is the next fun book coming out?

Stacey Rodarte’s 4th grade class from Glenshire Elementary School visits the Museum!

We were so lucky to have Stacey Rodarte’s 4th grade class from Glenshire Elementary School visit the Museum earlier this year.  Perhaps the best part (other than entertaining our Olympic host Joe Pete Wilson) was reading all of the essays that they had written following their visit.  Thank you Stacey  for teaching and for the Museum visit as nothing is more important than the kids!

More great Barbara Fritschi Morgan Donations!

  Barbara once again provides the Museum with outstanding memories from the past.  As noted in an earlier post her family was an integral part of the early history of Squaw Valley.   This recent donation includes many rare family pictures of their life in the early days of Squaw Valley. Shown above is a picture of lunchtime on the deck where the group is seen sharing a jug of wine and hamburgers as they take a break from skiing. Robert Fritschi is on the left (crew cut), likely Bobby Huega is in the front.  Irene Fritschi is petting her cat and Skip Sherman has his head down, looking at the cat.  Thanks again Barbara ~ we will catalog these family pictures and prepare them for display soon.  

Inger Bisson visits the Museum and donates a very rare Plaque – Thank you Inger!

 This small and rare plaque from undetermined Olympic memorabilia shows the official logo with an engraving of the Norwegian Birkebiners. In the 12th century, the Birkebiners carried the heir on skis to the Norwegian throne on skis to safety across treacherous mountainous terrain. The plaque was a donation from Inger Bisson, the author of the acclaimed novel, Rotar and the Silver Book of Knowledge. Inger continues to search for more donations of rare memorabilia from the 1952 Winter Olympics held in Oslo, Norway.

Generous donation from Erica Hansen! ~ a visiting teacher from Germany

Thank you, Erica, for your generous donation and the appreciative note that you left at the Museum.  As you know, Museum admission is free with donations gladly accepted.  We have had a successful year because of generous donations which will help us move into the fall and winter months.  Your donation, along with the others, gives us more motivation to grow and provide the community and the world with ever increasing resources to help tell our story.  Thanks to Erica, and all who have helped with donations, both material and financial. The posted picture is from Erica’s education card.