• Ancient Ski History through the 1700’s

    Ski History from Ancient times through the 1700’s

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  • Longboards to the Olympics

    Take a tour of “A Century of Tahoe Winter Sports” by Author Mark McLaughlin

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  • Story of the 1960 Winter Olympics

    Learn why the 1960 Olympics were a “Snowball’s Chance” told through the book of David C. Antonucci

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  • The Bill Briner Photo Collection

    See the remarkable Olympic Photo Collection of Bill Briner

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Monthly Archives: September 2017

57 years later ~ we still have to thank Wayne!

Every time we drive into Squaw Valley my father religiously turns the radio down for just a second so we can look at the valley and says thanks Wayne! Similar thing with a different message when we enter Tahoe City.  Many know, some don’t, that Wayne Poulsen worked hard on preserving the natural beauty of Squaw Valley.  When the 1960 Olympics were coming there were plans to pave the valley to meet the needs of the spectators.  Wayne fought hard and, although the story is much more involved, he saved the Valley floor as he accepted the placement of a mixture of snow and sawdust ~ which worked great! Although he is known as the co-founder of Squaw Valley, its original skiing inhabitant (with wife Sandy), ski jumper extraordinaire, Pilot, and family man, perhaps his greatest legacy is as an environmentalist. So, occasionally, turn the radio down for just a sec and thank Wayne!

Craig Beck’s fantastic Longboards now on display!

Craig Beck (one of the first Tahoe extreme athletes) has just brought his incredible longboard display to the sierra ski collection at the Gatekeepers Museum.  Once you see them you will know who the real first extreme skiers were.  The skis were upwards of 16 feet long and had wooden and rope bindings that were strapped on and away you go!  The prizes were huge at the time with purses up to $1000.00.  The great thing was that women were included and many times were the fastest skiers reaching up to 70mph, ~ and of course, took home the prize money!  Fun display spanning a large part of the museum ~ Thanks again Craig for all you have done over the years for the community!

Thanks NLTHS! ~ The Sierra Ski History Displays Are Now Open!

The new Sierra History and 1960 Olympics displays are finally open!  With the help of the great Truckee Movers, the Batiste and Antonucci families and JJ Whitney we managed to move all the displays, which includes hundreds of ski artifacts, into the upper floor of the Gatekeepers museum in Tahoe City.  Come see your ski history from thousands of years ago through the miners in Plumas to the early regional history and Olympics up to the present time.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, their president Jim Phelan, Executive Director Marnie Carr and Pete Billeter directing the process.   We are now finally finished! ~  right before the snow falls in another upcoming winter Olympic year! Thanks!