• Ancient Ski History through the 1700’s

    Ski History from Ancient times through the 1700’s

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  • Longboards to the Olympics

    Take a tour of “A Century of Tahoe Winter Sports” by Author Mark McLaughlin

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  • Story of the 1960 Winter Olympics

    Learn why the 1960 Olympics were a “Snowball’s Chance” told through the book of David C. Antonucci

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  • The Bill Briner Photo Collection

    See the remarkable Olympic Photo Collection of Bill Briner

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  • Best of Tahoe

    Learn about the Tahoe regions Ski Heroes from the 1800’s to Today!

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Museum Artifact Examples

Here are a just a few of the hundreds of items that you will be able to see at the museum:



SV 1c-preolympic-pennantstan batiste maryann batiste

We have the largest collection of pre-olympic Squaw Valley artifacts including the first Squaw Valley Pennant (circa 1951) and the Brochure for Squaw Valley Summer activities (circa 1954).




There are over 100 artifacts from what is called “the spectators experience” including the items that were for purchase and all of the written materials used.  Shown above is a decal that was sold,  a felt hat from our Olympic hat collection and an Olympic cigarette lighter.



SV-Item-travel bag bSV-Item-travel bag aSV-Item-Flag-d

Numerous businesses advertised using Olympic messages and Logos.   Shown here is the Olympic Survival bag and banner from the Harrolds Club – the original contents of the bag are perserved and are in the museum to see!



SV-Item-Pin-4bSV-Jewelry-charm braclet 3SV-Jewelry-tie clip

We have the largest collection of 1960 Olympic pins and jewelry including the rare ski patrol pin as well as,  bracelets, cuff links and tie clasp made by Squaw Valley Corporation.


These are only a few of over 200 Olympic and Pre-Olympic artifacts that you can see at the museum!