• Ancient Ski History through the 1700’s

    Ski History from Ancient times through the 1700’s

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  • Longboards to the Olympics

    Take a tour of “A Century of Tahoe Winter Sports” by Author Mark McLaughlin

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  • Story of the 1960 Winter Olympics

    Learn why the 1960 Olympics were a “Snowball’s Chance” told through the book of David C. Antonucci

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  • The Bill Briner Photo Collection

    See the remarkable Olympic Photo Collection of Bill Briner

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  • Best of Tahoe

    Learn about the Tahoe regions Ski Heroes from the 1800’s to Today!

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Ancient Ski History through the 1700’s

Although opinions vary, prehistoric cave drawings from Russia and China suggest skiing may have been around for more than 200 centuries. Learn about the beginnings of skiing and see pictures of the ski found in a bog from 3200B.C. as well as numerous pictures of ancient rock carvings. The museum begins with a brief overview of the small amount of information from this period.  We then progress into Medieval ski history and then through the 1700’s.  An example of the early history is shown below:


Norse legends tell of Ullr (or Ull or Ollerus) and Skade (or Skada or Skadi) the God and Goddess of skiing.

ULLR 3                      Norse goddess skaoi hunting

Ullr represented the Northern winter which he spent with the goddess Skadi. Skadi is the Viking goddess of winter. Her name is said to mean shadow or shade. It is said that she was a gifted hunter with the bow and arrow and had the ability to use them. All of Scandinavia is named after her and she is said to dwell in the snow covered mountains there.


Written by Maryann L. Batiste